• Turn role play into a dynamic online experience!

    Turn role play into a dynamic online experience!

  • Skill Assessment & Peer Learning

    Skill Assessment & Peer Learning

  • Online Classroom

    Online Classroom


You Make the Call! Peer-to-Peer mode makes role-play fun! Two participants compete against each other in a fun and interactive way. Peer-to-Peer mode incorporates a competitive format to engage learners, and it fosters an ideal environment for peer-to-peer learning and idea sharing. Learn More


You Make the Call! Classroom enables instructors to lead fun, remote role-play activities with their entire online class at the same time -- up to 18 participants per session! It also tracks valuable data regarding how consistently learners incorporate verbal competencies that you define into their role-play conversations. Learn More


You Make the Call! Assessment mode makes role-play measurable! It's ideal for remote certification of communication skills, customer service conduct, or key selling messages. An evaluator assesses a single participant's skills. The elegantly simple methodology guides the evaluator through the process with step-by-step instructions. Learn More

You Make The Call!